To help create more awareness around the impending climate crisis (as if we need it), honor Earth Day, and steer humanity in a better direction, we created a series of protest posters for @mateactnow.

Mate Act Now is a coordinated response by over 150 designers from some of the world’s top creative studios to drive climate action.

Conceived and curated by @chris_flack  in response to the 2019/20 Australian bushfires, and recontextualised by the global outbreak of COVID-19, Mate Act Now begs the question: Do we have the collective will to act in the face of existential threat and make the change necessary to survive and thrive? Posters alone won't do it, but inspired action can.

You can order MATE ACT NOW: THE BOOK for $35NZD - 100 posters protesting climate change and driving political action. Limited edition print run with proceeds going to Red Cross Disaster Relief Australia. Check out the website to see all of the posters.

  • Poster Edition

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