Andy Millner is an artist who lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri. He creates works inspired by nature and asks questions akin to the following, "What is our role in the natural world? What is our role in our human-made world? How does the world change when more and more continues to get made?" Andy's process of "dumbing down" the computer to create digital drawings that are then output in different ways, often as photographs printed directly from a digital file or archival inkjet prints, occasionally with paint later applied, is entirely his own.

We collaborated with Andy to create an appropriately minimal, distinctive new identity system to further define his studio art practice. The system centers around a typeface called Gerstner-Programm, initially designed by Karl Gerstner in 1964. The intent behind the use of Gerstner-Programm is to deliver the sort of refined nuance necessary to support Andy's creative output while doing so in a subtle way. We created a similarly unique, highly tactile letterpress, print collateral communication system for Andy to correspond.

The focal point of Andy's new identity system is his website. With Andy's new site we’ve enabled and empowered the viewer to experience all of the detail and nuance inherent to his work while simultaneously providing an opportunity for in-depth, philosophical exploration via text, image, and video.

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