Andy Millner

Andy Millner started drawing on the computer in 2005. Shortly thereafter, he took his laptop outdoors and drew his first tree, "en plein air." He soon discovered that allowing his drawings to remain digital rather than physical opened a portal to an infinite landscape of possibility. Thus enabling the artist to tackle the complexity of his subject matter with a new, multi-media informed dimensionality.

Andy lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri, where he creates works primarily inspired by nature. He asks questions akin to the following, "What is our role in the natural world? What is our role in our human-made world? How does the world change when more and more continues to get made?" Andy relies on "dumbing down" the computer to create digital drawings that are then output in different, original ways. These works often manifest as photographs printed directly from a digital file or archival inkjet prints, occasionally with paint and other media later applied. The resultant process and subsequent output are entirely and distinctly Andy's own.

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