Born of John Orion Young (JOY), a fourth-generation artist classically trained as a painter and sculptor, JOYWORLD offers a multi-dimensional trip through the metaverse bringing us newfound joy along the way.

A lifetime of exploration, making, and pondering the notion of art and artist, led JOY to virtual reality, Oculus, and sculpting via TiltBrush. After stumbling upon CryptoKitties in 2017, JOY saw the future. He would enable collectors to buy his virtual, 3D-sculpted digital works on the blockchain via a custom smart contract but with a hook. Collectors could "steal" works from one another by simply paying more than the prior owner. That's when JOY, JOYWORLD, and the JOY's we know and love today changed the game.

Widely known as the first artist creator of a bespoke NFT contract to sell their virtual artwork online, JOY's JOYs are considered the first 3D artworks on the blockchain. JOYWORLD has since become an ever-expanding artwork in and of itself, home to both JOY's and JOYtoys, a virtual space of deeply imagined experience, adapted and expanded in real-time by JOY collectors and collaborators.

Visual Identity System