Pollen is a deeply mission-driven apolitical platform that culls existing, available (but hard to find) information to inform voter decisions at the ballot box. Created to change what action looks like, Pollen aims to raise civic literacy.

Systemic racism, antisemitism, objectification, and police brutality are not new. These actions — all born of ill intent are ingrained within our power systems. Forced reflection resulting from racial transgression, COVID-19, and the associated lockdowns left many people feeling powerless yet galvanized a generation. People are in the streets protesting, posting, donating money they barely have, and engaging in long-overdue conversations about how we hold ourselves and others accountable. Pollen channels this energy of change into the voting booth by adding a much-needed, unbiased informational resource to help us elect our leaders and representatives in an informed, responsible way.

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Illustration: Ryan Carl
Motion: Duncan Brazzil